D’Banj Releases Video for New Single, “SHY”


Anyone who knows D’Banj would probably argue that he isn’t in fact a Shy person, so you can imagine that the song failed to convince me of any inherent shyness.

The song, Shy, is a new single off his upcoming album and visuals have also dropped along with the song.

The song itself is standard D’banj: lovely visuals, catchy tune, ear worm material…the whole 9 yards.


He spends the majority of the song’s 2 and a half minutes runtime declaring that he is a shy guy who hasn’t indulged in any of the world’s debauchery.

His clothing and demeanor, however, do not in any way resemble a shy person, but rather, a guy who is telling a convenient fib to get a girl to drop her guard.

The infusion of traditional Igbo outfits and words into the song did give some extra flavor. All in all, you can expect people to be bumping to this in their cars and in their soirees.

It’s great to see D’Banj actively back in the Nigerian music scene and following the person tragedy that he faced not too long ago, it’s also really nice to see that he hasn’t pulled away from family.

In a recent interview, he spoke about how he’s been able to juggle the two, “It’s been very hard but the truth is one just has to understand what he/she is doing.

“When you see the actors or footballers in the club, they’re just normal people, but when the footballers put on their jersey and get on the field, they’re different people entirely. I was with Obafemi Martins in the club recently and he was just a normal person but when he wears the jersey, he’s a different person.”

D’Banj continued, “So like I said, one just needs to understand what you do. As an entertainment person, it’s part of me. When I wear my costume as D’Banj, I get to entertain my people but then I’ve my privacy and if you check it properly for the last decade, even if I’m out there I keep my private life very private. If you know how to strike a balance and then God blesses you with the right wife that can understand then you’re good.”


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