Davido Will Not Forgive Women That Lied Against Him


In another episode of ‘Which celebrity are we going to say stuff about today (Lie Edition)’ we have Davido who was accused of impregnating a girl and not taking responsibility.

In what has become a rather unfortunate trend, a lot of celebrities have found their names besmirched either truthfully or with the greatest amount of malice available. Davido was the latest victim after two ladies did a video which went viral where they accused Davido of impregnating one of them and not taking responsibility.

The ‘Risky’ singer came out guns blazing and offered a million naira to anyone who could provide him with information about them.

Sure enough, they were found and Davido promised that he would be prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. When the allegations first came out, Davido tweeted: “Y’all taking this clout chasing and social media shit too far!! Imma go to the end of the world and use all my power to make sure dem hoes end up in prison!!!!!”

And then he made the offer of a million naira to whoever found them, “The #RISKY BOUNTY HUNT !! 1m NAIRA ! FIND DEM !! I need full name and handles pls ! E mail .. Bvn number matrix number sef !! CASH SHIT!!” he said then.

Less than an hour later, the ladies had been found after which the ‘OBO’ singer said: “FOUND THEM I will be suing both culprits for 30 billion naira in damages !!! Dem go shit that money for kirikiri !! Now back to #RISKY

There have been calls for the ladies to be forgiven as they admitted in a later video that they were only joking. However, the singer has said that while he’d love to forgive them, they need to be used as an example to deter such behaviour in the future.


With a case this public, if the ladies are indeed prosecuted, it could cause an interesting reaction and it’ll be fascinating to see how this would dictate future conduct.

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