Davido Sets Twitter Alight With Gateman Claim

Davido laughs while he performs

Davido is rich. That’s a simple fact, however what we didn’t know was that apparently, anyone around him is also quite rich as was revealed recently.

The afro pop singer set Twitter on fire yesterday after he claimed that his gateman has 2 houses and 3 cars.

Let that sink in.

It all started with a tweet by a fan who said that everyone around Davido is successful.

The fan’s tweet read: “Davido Working with Lyta brings Orgasm to my eyes. Davido has been helping young talent since 1846 There’s nobody around Davido that’s not successful I repeat Nobody, even his gateman is richer than me”

And the singer more or less confirmed it with his response.

He tweeted: “My Gateman LITT! 2 cribs 3 whips”

And those 7 words set Twitter ablaze. Suddenly, more and more people started to ‘apply’ for menial jobs within his household.

One of the fans said: “@iam_Davido please introduce me to your Gateman. Your life will not spoil”

And from there it was a deluge of tweets, most of them were hilarious.

“Sir I have a BSC on Gate Opening, I’m almost done with my Masters on “Entrance, Closure & Openings”. Please consider me sir.” said one fan

“Sir my dad’s name is Bill Gate, I’m so interested in opening gates, the name of my best song is open the flood gate of heaven” said another

“Seriously David, even in the scripture you are not known for gender inequality. The least I can do is be your gate woman, is my hobby. Forget say I no gather muscle I can do the job. My CV is up to degree level no any current job at the moment so I’m very much unemployed sir” said yet another.

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Would you work as a gateman if it meant you could afford houses and cars?

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