Davido Calls out Film Director Who Slid Into His DM after Calling Him Talentless

Davido laughs while he performs



We all know know it is not a good idea to randomly insult people when you never know what tomorrow might bring?

Well, it seems aspiring film director Valentine Filmz didn’t heed that warning as he got a good taste of Karma when asking singer, Davido, for help.

Celebrities are oftentimes inundated with calls for help from fans and haters alike as everyone looks for a way to put their best foot forward. And so it was for Valentine Filmz when he slid into Davido’s DMs to ask for help and offered to shoot a video for the ‘Fall’ singer.

Unfortunately, much like past tweets put James Gunn and Kevin Hart in trouble, Valentine had said something mean spirited about Davido in the past and it seemed the singer, who is rather active on social media, knew about it.


Apparently, Valentine had once called Davido talentless in the comments section of another post.

Screenshot Davido
Screenshot Davido


Davido responded to the DM request made by Valentine to direct his music video with a question of his own.

” y u go want shoot video wit person wey no get talent”


Valentine did apologise, posting the DM on his page and writing this as the caption:

“April showers brings may flower Hunger made me discover my helper. For everyone that’s feel bad with my childish comments I’m so sorry I sincerely apologize to my lovely fans out there have been trying to reach him for years now but I have no mens. I don’t even know what came over me earlier today before I over reacted. I’m very sorry boss @davidoofficial this how god won’t u to bless me thanks so much I’m very greateful and promise to remain loyal forever…. ❤️?”

What are the odds that Davido will decide to forgive dear old Valentine?

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