David Osei Mocks Actresses With Halitosis

David Osei

Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has spoken out against some actresses whom he says have bad breath and how he even turned down one on set.

David Osei was being interviewed by Rainbow Radio 87.5 and there even narrated how he refused to kiss a particular actress on account of her perceived bad breath.

“We are doing a creative work so you can’t be smelling and get close to me, your mouth can not be smelling, for me I’ll say it. I’ll call the director aside and tell him I have a bleeding gum, no I can’t do it, it’s my health,” he said.

He continued,  “I did it to some girl, her mouth like manhole, it was smelling so bad. On that instance, I called the director and told him I have a bleeding gum so I can’t do it”.  

David Osei is also quite outspoken, as he makes use of his social media pages to get his message out there, one of such was an advice to youth about success and how to attain it.

He posted about it on his Instagram in a post which he captioned: “There’s no short cut to success..It is purely hard work,determination, perseverance and the fear of God.To the youth out there, work hard,stop the money rituals,stop the mad race to get rich quick by all means,drive the fast cars, f*ck your big sisters,your mothers age and disrespect your elders bcos you rich..Trust me its vanity and you will die a sorrowful death…Think!!Gm my people blessed week ahead🙏….”

The actor has also been seen as a strong advocate against LGBTQ rights in Ghana citing his religious beliefs as the reason for this reasoning.

David Osei is a popular actor in Ghana having appeared in movies such as  The Dead, Devilish Angel and Confessions

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