Dating Regina Daniels Any Longer Would Have Been Wickedness- Somadina Adinma

Regina Daniels’ ex Boyfriend, Somadina Adinma has explained why they broke up stating that continuing the relationship would have been wickedness.

Adinma who is also a Nollywood actor has remained in Regina’s life and the two seem to continue to share a special relationship.

Adinma was a at Regina’s wedding and even got to meet Ned Nwoko.


Somadina Adinma sat down for an interview with Sun news Online and there he talked about a wide range of topics including that of himself and Regina Daniels.

When asked about how they met and the chemistry between them he said, “We met at a location, we were both young and we bonded. We were meant to be friends and when you are cool with the characters on set, interpretation of the story becomes normal. So, it just happened. It’s like when Genevieve (Nnaji) and Ramsey (Nouah) were doing their thing. Yeah, we were able to connect.”

He was also confronted with allegations that he was dumped by Regina and that got angry. He explained that his anger stemmed from trolls and those who were talking like they knew something when they didn’t

“I got angry because people were coming to say stuff they didn’t know anything about. They were trolling me. All I know is that people need to mind their business. It’s not everything you inquire about. At times, people should just be like ‘this is none of my business, let me just allow this slide’. Regina and I were very close friends. She didn’t dump me for anybody. Nobody dumped anybody. Nobody is feeling bad about anything.”

He also said that he was not ready to get married while she was and that of they has kept dating it would have been wickedness on his part.

“When you are not ready to marry, would you tell the other person not to marry because you are not ready? That’s wickedness. Even when you are ready, you may decide not to marry the person. I am not saying that’s the case, but Regina and I were close friends.”

You can read the rest of the interview here

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