Daddy Showkey and a follower drag each other to hell’s gate and back

Daddy Showkey

Social Media is a platform that has brought us closer than ever to the celebrities we love (and hate) and while this has generally been a good thing, the Daddy Showkey saga shows that sometimes it goes South.

The Galala master is quite active on Instagram, usually recording videos where he talks about things that bug him or tries to impart knowledge.

On one of such videos, he talked about substance abuse and how people need to stay away from such things.

Naturally, the replies were varied, but for the most part they were positive with people stating that it was a reasonable message that people should adhere to.

That was, until @realujuchigbo got involved.

The user said the following in her comment: “Making Sense for the First Time”

Now reading that, it does come across as a bit mean spirited. Daddy Showkey was not pleased, escalating matters with his response where he said he was unsure if she had a father and that if she did she wouldn’t say such rude things to him.  He also brought in the age factor, stating that he was not the man for her and she should find someone her own age.

Did he think she was hitting on him? Surely not!

And so began a back and forth that was fascinating to read as the commenter came back asking him to respect himself before she comes for him.

Instagram comes with a block button it seems as that would have been the natural course of action, however, Daddy Showkey was back again, responding to the commenter and simply telling her to ‘insult her father’

That father line must have really infuriated the user as she also came back to talk some more.

It was a pretty bizarre exchange and you can see it in its full…glory? below

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