Daddy Freeze Mocks Oge Okoye With New Challenge, N100,000 Up for Grabs

In case you haven’t seen it, Nollywood actress Oge Okoye was a visitor at Alleluia Ministries which is Pastored by controversial Pastor Alph Lukau.

The video which subsequently came out has since gone viral with reacts both bad and good. This might have something to do with the fact that Pastor Alph Lukau isn’t exactly the most squeaky clean character on the planet.

Back in February, the Pastor allegedly raised a man from the dead, a video which was shared by a lot of people. It didn’t take long for that story to fall apart as neighbours of the ‘dead’ man claimed that he was alive and eagle eyed watcher picking at holes in the video including the man’s mouth being open and the absence of cotton buds from his nostrils and ears.

So it’s hardly surprising that Oge Okoye has taken a lot of heat for this move.

If that wasn’t bad enough, controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has now stepped in. He shared a clip of Oge’s visit to Pastor Lukau and in his caption he offered a N100,000 to 5 people who could re-enact the scene with a comedic spin to it.

He’s probably serious, i mean, this is the man that did this:

His caption for this post reads: “Alph Luka finals gets a real actor as Oge Okoye visited him. Alph is the same pastor responsible for Elliot’s resurrection. ???

The Oge OKOYE Challenge starts tomorrow from 10am!

Another 100k is up for grabs! 5 people, will each receive 20k for acting the best Oge Okoye and Alph Lukau scene.

100k up for grabs in prize money for the most creative #TeaChallenge video!!!!

To qualify:

1: follow both @daddyfrz and @daddyfreeze on Instagram.

2: You MUST tag both my handles in your video! And MUST use the hashtags #DaddyFreeze #OgeChallenge

3: shoot a 1 minute Instagram style video of this challenge.

4: Be as creative as possible, remember the 5 (five) funniest videos win 20k each.

5: At the end of the video, hold up a plain white piece of paper with your Instagram handle written in blue ink, this is to ensure that you didn’t just steal a video from the internet.?

6: Trying to create an original video with a twist of humor is definitely a plus.

7: This is an INSTAGRAM ONLY challenge.

If you do not obey ALL the rules, you will be disqualified!”


Daddy Freeze has been a vocal antagonist against people he refers to as fake pastors and is commonly seen to mock them on his Instagram page.

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