Daddy Freeze Interviews Man Who Assaulted Bobrisky

Daddy Freeze

OAP Daddy Freeze in a bid to hear both sides of the story, sought out the man who allegedly beat up Bobrisky after bashing the new Range Rover she was driving.

There had been a huge amount of backlash following the situation and many have called for the man to be charged.

Speaking at a phone shop with Daddy Freeze, the man in question tried to explain that he bashed the car and apologized, and that he had no idea that it was Bobrisky at first and he just thought he had hit a woman.

He said Bobrisky refused to move out of the way even after being placated and that this was what led to the escalation of the situation.

It seemed people in the comments were unwilling to take this explanation with fellow OAP Dotun saying: “Freeze granting this guy an interview over elevates his position in this case. You hit his/her car and beat him/her up.. I don’t think this needs any sorting or settling. He should be charged for assault. He is wrong. This is a hate crime. He most likely reacted cos he figured it was Bobrisky not because he knew he was dealing with a man or woman .. shikena!”

Many echoed this sentiment saying that there isn’t really any explanation that can vindicate such behaviour and that he is most likely a homophobe (Bobrisky has never claimed to be gay).

It seems the man will have to buy another phone for Bobrisky after the incident.

You can check out the video where Daddy Freeze interviewed the man below.


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