Dabota Lawson Threatens To Call Out CEOs Owing Staff Salaries

In recent years, living a life for social media has generally been termed as a fake life. As a matter fact, several events related to living a life for the gram as made one stamp the statement as nothing other than the truth.

For this reason, former beauty queen – Dabota Lawson – has threatened to call out CEOs and business owners who constantly flaunt their lives on social media while their staff are being left in anguish because salaries running into several months are been owed by their flamboyant bosses.

She wrote;

Please I don’t want to start drama this new month by calling anyone out .

If you can afford to show off big designer bags, Please pay your workers .

Maybe your lively hood comes from paying in kind, These people have no other source of income other than their daily effort they put into your business.

Biko a word is enough for the wise.

To be very honest, Dabota is all shades of right with her threats; you cannot continue to show off your assets while you owe staff salaries and still expect them to deliver on their daily tasks. These folks are human and need to survive in a country like Nigeria where only the fittest survives.

Anyway, if Dabota eventually arches her plan, you can count on us to serve all the juicy stuff from her plan.

What do you think about Dabota’s mission statement? Yay or Nay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.



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