COZA Rape Scandal: What Did We Learn From TVC Interview?

Panelists discuss COZA scandal

Yesterday, TVC released an over hour long video in which they interviewed both controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo and Chude Jideonwo on the COZA scandal.

Recall that celebrity photographer, Busola Dakolo a few weeks ago accused the head pastor of COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo, of raping her as a teenager.

The situation has split the nation with some on the side of Busola, while others have pitched their tent with Pastor Fatoyinbo.

The idea of the interview was to increase the amount of knowledge that the people have about the case and to understand both sides of the story.

Kemi Olunloyo before now had been seen to be on a vicious quest to discredit Busola Dakolo’s story while Chude was seen to be sticking out his neck for a rape victim.

After watching the interview, It raised questions on both sides as to how they conducted things and their point of view.

Let’s start with


The controversial journalist was up first and was asked about the allegations she levelled against Busola Dakolo and the reasons she had for not believing her story. Two things stuck out to me in this segment: 1) Kemi Olunloyo had a problem with the timeline of Busola’s story 2) She believes nothing happened between Biodun Fatoyinbo and Busola and that the latter is lying.

On the issue of the timeline, Kemi claimed that a little digging showed that the timeline didn’t add up as Busola claimed in her interview that she was raped when she was under 18 and Kemi’s investigation didn’t match this. She also claimed that the car that Busola claimed to have been raped on wasn’t in existence at the time of the alleged rape. She also said that the kid she was meant to be babysitting also won’t have been in existence at the time Busola claimed it happened.

Kemi Olunloyo was asked point blank if she believes Busola was raped to which she said no, and that she believes this is a power play to gain more popularity in the eyes of the media using a sensitive topic to get the upper hand.

So, with that being said, what can we infer from this? The timeline is a valid one as no one has really answered the discrepancies that exist in the story. However, the motive Kemi presented as to why Busola Dakolo would lie about being raped by a powerful man is deeply flawed. Positing that Busola Dakolo, a mother of three who has little to gain and everything to lose in this case, would lie just to gain some clout, doesn’t add up. Now it can be argued that humanity’s motives generally don’t add up sometimes, but it still seems highly unlikely that Busola Dakolo would purposely lie about this, especially with a man who has already been in a adultery scandal.

So how about the other side? What did they have to say and what can we infer from what they had to say.


Chude Jideonwo, a respected lawyer and journalist along with Yemi Adamolekun, a human rights activist who is deeply entrenched in the #NotInMyChurch movement were both asked about the case and why they are convinced that COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo did the things he was accused of doing.

The two explained that they had up to 5 ladies with similar experiences who do not know each other which makes them believe that there is truth in the allegations.

They explained the psychology behind rape victims not remembering timelines correctly and the need for victims to feel safe enough to speak out.

Their argument was coherent and convincing, however, they didn’t give any concrete answers to the timeline issue. According to them, a report has been lodged with the police which has all the proper details, but as we aren’t privy to them, we can’t say they give correct times for the things that were alleged to have happened. It was also never stated that before releasing their interviews, they tried to in any way contact the COZA pastor to either get a rebuttal or at least keep him in the loop about the things that were about to come out about him.

It should be stressed at this point that this is not a piece calling out Busola Dakolo as a liar, neither is it a piece calling out Biodun Fatoyinbo as a rapist. It is a post looking at both sides and how they could be misconstrued when put under scrutiny.

At the end of the day, the major lesson learnt from this interview, is that the justice system needs to go through this case and then with the power of facts and logic and reasoning, we can finally find out the real truth and deliver justice to the deserving party.

To watch the full interview, click here



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