COZA Rape Scandal: Biodun Fatoyinbo Outed By Pastor Busola Olotu

Busola Olotu

It seems the trials of Biodun Fatoyinbo aren’t over as a female pastor, Busola Olotu who was something of a mentor to the COZA pastor, has stated that he indeed raped Busola.

Pastor Olotu, was speaking during an interview with media personality, Adesuwa Onyenokwe, and then she said that Busola’s sister, Funmi Ayeni came to her in 2011 with the Busola story and that she had spoken to the celebrity photographer whom she believed.

To make matters worse, Busola Olotu even said that she spoke to 3 other ladies who all stated that it was Biodun Fatoyinbo who raped them. Further outing Fatoyinbo, Pastor Olotu claimed in the interview that she had a vision in which she saw the COZA pastor in bed with yet another lady at which point she decided to confront Fatoyinbo, she expressed her absolute shock when the pastor replied and said he had a ”Grace for such things”.

She was further shocked when she took up the matter with Fatoyinbo’s spiritual father Reverend Emmanuel Oset who’s response was, ”So he is still doing this thing?”.

Pastor Oset had an interview of his own in which he corroborated the story of Busola Olotu was telling and said that he had also encountered a number of ladies who had also accused Biodun Fatoyinbo of rape and that this had led him to cut ties with the COZA pastor in 2014 after the Ese Walters scandal.

There has been no response by Biodun Fatoyinbo about this set of interviews, neither has there been anything from Busola Dakolo.

You can check out the video below.


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