Coco Ice Reveals How she Defeated her Biggest Addiction

Coco Ice quits smoking
Rapper Coco Ice

Big Brother Nigeria alumni, Coco Ice has taken to Twitter to reveal how she got rid of her most addictive habit– smoking


The rapper shared her news on Twitter, stating that she stopped in December and that she is proud of herself.

This means she has been sober for roughly four months, which is a pretty decent feat when you keep in mind that habits can be really difficult to kick sometimes.

So, what did she use to replace the smoking you ask? Well, she listens to music. Yes, music is the solution and Coco Ice said that she now listens to songs she loves so much that she masters the lyrics and know them by heart.

“So I stopped smoking in December and replaced it with listening to music so much that when a new song is released I’ll listen to it until I fall in love with the Lyrics ?. #Proudofmyself” she said in her tweet.

So will this work for everyone? Highly unlikely, but it works for her and that’s great news for all her fans and well wishers.

In an interview which she did shortly after leaving the Big Brother house, she disclosed that she started smoking after her mother died: “I would start with the fact that I personally started smoking when I lost my mum. It is a very bad habit I am trying to kick but it is hard. People smoke for different reasons; you cannot judge people because of a stick of cigarette. The way the society sees it might not change and I can only speak for myself. However the society wants to see it is their opinion and I am not here to change that. To be honest this is a very dicey question.” she said in the interview

So, we’re pretty stoked that she seems to have finally been able to kick the habit, her’s hoping that she doesn’t suffer a relapse.

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