Church Of Satan Reacts To Nigerian Woman Who Claims She Served The Devil For 990 Years

Church of Satan refutes woman who claimed to serve the devil

The verified account of the Church of Satan has waded into the trending topic of the woman who claimed she served the Devil for 990 years.

The Church of Satan denied the woman stating that she did not serve the devil, seeing as Satan is the king of lies, you can perhaps take that with a pinch of salt…or maybe the woman herself is the one lying.

In case you have no idea how this came about, it all started with a tweet from a Twitter user who complained that his neighbours, devout Christians, gave him this little book from a woman who claimed that football is a sport from the devil. The premise aside, the front of the book featured some text where it was claimed that the author had served Satan for almost a millennium but is now in Christ.

This of course led to a steady stream of banter and also led to Wale Gates tweeting at the Church of Satan asking for verification of the story.

Wale Gates in his tweet said: “The small print at the bottom 🤣🤣 @s8n @ChurchofSatan got anything to say about this? Hope you still pay her pension?”

To which the Church of Satan responded, “Crazy people say crazy things. Hardly a new revelation. Not much else to say about it.”

There were other tweets to which the Satan account responded to including one by a user who asked them that a woman is claiming to have served for 990 years and that they should look into to the claim, to which they responded, “If you think a claim by a human that they have personally done something for 990 years needs to be “looked into” you may have a poor grasp on reality yourself.”

It’s safe to say that not many people are taking the woman seriously. Neither the woman, nor anyone connected to her has come out to say anything.

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