Christianity Is Telling The Truth Everyone Is Afraid of Telling- Timi Dakolo Writes Amidst Huge Scandal

Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo has never been afraid of facing controversy but this time, he isn’t the one in the forefront, his wife is and he is playing the role of supporter pretty well.

The singer has long been vocal about pastors and the undue influence over congregants and with reports emerging about how his wife was allegedly raped by Biodun Fatoyinbo, the head pastor of COZA, it has become evident why he is so passionate about the topic.

While he hasn’t made any direct comments on the matter ever since the video went viral, he has instead made a few vague remarks.

Taking to his Instagram, Timi Dakolo stated that the essence of Christianity is to tell the truth that others are afraid of putting out there and anything that doesn’t represent that is simply religion.

The post itself stated that even in a minority of one, the truth remains unchanged.


His comments have been littered with messages of love and support especially from fellow celebrities.

Banky W was one of them and he said: “I am so proud of you and @busoladakolo.. so so proud. Stay strong. We are standing with you.”

Lami Phillips-Gbadamosi also chimed in, saying, “My brother.. we stand with you and Busola. I’m sick to my stomach.. I don’t even know what to say. Busola.. Mehn.. you’ve shown ridiculous strength. He took something away from you only God can replace. What irks me is that he had the temerity to buy you a friggin drink and tell you that you should be glad it was him.. Kai..”

The situation has of course torn the internet in two with people in support of Pastor Fatoyinbo stating that he would need to be allowed to have his say while there are others who have stated that they stand with Busola and are demanding that something be done about Pastor Fatoyinbo.

UPDATE– Timi Dakolo has now put out a follow up post, here, he is a lot more direct in his message, praising his wife for speaking out and finding her voice while also expressing pain at what Pastor Fatoyinbo did and how the situation broke him.

Timi Dakolo

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