Chris Attoh Tweeted About Loyalty 30 Minutes After Wife Was Shot

Did Chris Attoh leave a secret message about his wife less than an hour after it was reported that she was shot in Maryland, USA?

The Ghanaian actor was bereaved after his wife Bettie Jenifer was shot and killed on the 10th of May in Greenbelt, Maryland.

According to police reports, she was slain around 5pm by an unknown assailant who took off immediately after the incident.

Chris, who was in Los Angeles at the time, was said to have flown immediately to Maryland to be there and probably find out what happened and a tweet he put up just a little while after the incident has sparked scrutiny in light of new revelations made about the case.

According to reports, Bettie was actually still married to a convicted drug baron by the name of Kendrick Jenifer.

It was gathered that the two had been married but that Kendrick filed for divorce in April with Bettie following suit also a few days later.

There has been speculation that Kendrick went ahead with the divorce after finding out that she had remarried. It was also reported that she was hoping she could still get Kendrick’s assets after his demise (Kendrick was sentenced to 20 years).

Therefore this gives some pause for thought after Chris Attoh took to his Twitter to state: “#CHRIS ATTOH When it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is never an option but a priority. Loyalty is ever…”

It is also very odd when you also realize that since the incident, Chris Attoh has tweeted two more times and on neither occasion did he mention the death of his wife.

While things were seemingly rocky in their relationship– he did delete all her pictures on Instagram— it’s still sort of weird that he’s said nothing more about it.

Chris and Bettie got married last year and had no kids together.

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