Chinko Ekun Shares Horrifying Video Of Trailer Without Brakes Driving In Lagos

Chinko Ekun

There are few sights scarier than an out-of-control trailer. One of such, is a trailer that can go out of control at any moment which was what Chinko Ekun showed us.

The singer took to his social media to share a video of a trailer without brake plying the roads of Lagos while a small boy kept wedging the tyres with stones at intervals to stop it from losing control.

The video was taken in traffic and one can just imagine the number of casualties if something goes wrong. Chinko Ekun captioned the post: “I am on my way out and I saw something really risky . Just take a look at the trailer in this video . It doesn’t have a brake and the other guy has to always shock the tyre with stones at intervals . God please protect those at the back of this trailer .. Naija na wa o !!!!!”


The video scared the pants off people in the comment section too as there were many comments bemoaning the state of the country especially as regards the safety of the people.

One person said: “It is well… I don’t know why they allow these vehicles move on the road sef😥”

While most of the comments followed the same theme, there was a guy who wondered why Chinko Tiger didn’t give the boy carrying blocks any money and criticized him for only taking a video.

“Guy why nor help the boy carrying that block with something u just dey do video Mr Able God @chinkotiger” he said.

With the tragic accident on the Otedola bridge still fresh on the minds of Nigerians, seeing another catastrophe waiting to happen isn’t very helpful. Hopefully something it done about it.


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