Chika Ike Launches New Cosmetic Line


The ever business savvy Chika Ike has ventured into the world of beauty with the launch of her new line of cosmetics which she calls Chika Cosmetics.

The Harvard educated actress has been on the rise lately with a new book and now this smart business move.

At the launch were various media house all excited to see what Chika Ike is up to.

Chika Ike Cosmetics

She introduced her cosmetics line to the press which consists of what she calls the  BLOOM EDITION which comes with an 18 color eyeshadow pallet and 12 colors liquid lip matte .

There’s a website ( and the cosmetics line is also available on e-commerce site, Jumia.

Chika Ike

In another post, Chika Ike shared a story as to how she was bullied when she was younger and how she never saw herself as beautiful. She encouraged people to keep striving and also added that she has come to love herself fiercely.

She wrote:

Growing up I never saw myself as beautiful because I got bullied a lot by some people who were personally disturbed and drew strength from making others feel bad about themselves. But as I grew older I started appreciating my unique beauty and understanding what beauty really means because I got to understand our definition of beauty differs from one another . What I see as beautiful might not necessarily be another’s definition of beauty . Beauty runs deeper than the superficial while to others it’s the superficial, some it’s confidence, some it’s naivety and to some its more of the intellectual type of beauty and it goes on and on . With this findings I came to the conclusion that beauty is in the eye of whoever is beholding it as the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder “. Everyone is beautiful in their special way , our imperfections makes use uniquely beautiful. I am beautiful, you are beautiful and everyone is beautiful. There isn’t a yard stick to measure beauty because it can’t be quantified or measured . Stay positive, embrace you , love you and live you best life ! You really have only one life !❤️💋

Check out more photos from the event below:

Chika Ike Chika Ike Cosmetics CHICA IKE COSMETICS


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