Cheers Erupt As Pastor Fatoyinbo Returns To Preach On COZA Pulpit

You can imagine the deafening cheers that erupted when Pastor Fatoyinbo returned to the COZA pulpit to preach his first message since the Busola Dakolo debacle.

Pastor Fatoyinbo had come under fire ever since the controversial video in which celebrity photographer Busola Dakolo accused the Pastor of raping her.

Since then he has had to step down from the pulpit and promised to return which he has now done.

In tweets shared by the COZA Twitter account, he came onstage to preach about “Sudden victories” explaining further that believers are always subject to the opposition but that Christians need to remember that they are fighting from a place of victory rather than for victory.

One of the tweets read: “Preacher: Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Message Title: Sudden Victories

Message Text: 1 Timothy 6:12

As a Christian, you must face opposition. If God who is God, holy and faithful as He has enemies, you are sure going to also.”

“But one thing we ought to note as believers is that; Christ has won the victory for us, so when the fight comes, we fight from victory and not for victory.

Pastor Fatoyinbo preach

” This is that which the Holy Spirit described as a good fight. Fight a good fight of faith with a winning mentality ‘cos we don’t fight for victory but we fight from victory.”

The reactions to this revelation as with most things is mixed. While some were outraged at the fact that it seems things are back to business as usual, others see it as a sign that the church has not been defeated.

Some of the tweets that followed the revelation just showed the disappointment of some Nigerians as there was genuine hope that the case against Pastor Fatoyinbo would lead to a wider revolution.

It’ll be interesting to see the Dakolos’ reaction to this new development and how the rape case as a whole moves forward.

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