Check Out This Virtual Tour With Tyler Perry In His Mammoth Studio

Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry has been one of the most underrated filmmakers in Hollywood and is also one of the richest.

The mogul made news recently after unveiling his mammoth studio which is bigger than those of Disney and Warner Bros.

It’s situated in Atlanta and was built on the grounds of Fort McPherson, a former military base, and is one of the largest production facilities in the country.

It contains 12 sound stages along with a suburban area, jail, courtroom, oval office and so much more.

You can check out the virtual tour with AD below

Tyler Perry sees himself as an underdog and realizes he’s not as celebrated. He also admits that he knows that he doesn’t make movies that critics are usually crazy about.

Reflecting on his life and work, Tyler Perry said: “I’m not making ‘When They See Us’. I’m not making ‘Black Panther’. Ryan Coogler, Ava DuVernay, Donald Glover, Issa Rae – they are brilliant storytellers, but that is what Hollywood deems acceptable.

“The stories that I’m telling for my audience, the millions of them around the world who get it, aren’t something that Hollywood necessarily understands.”

While Tyler Perry has gotten a lot of stick for some of his movies, he is proud that he has been able to bring African American stories to the mainstream.

“People of colour have been marginalised and kept out of Hollywood for so long.” he said

“The only way that it’s going to change is by owning the narrative, not just renting it or being allowed to tell the stories that are homogenised by Hollywood.”


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