Check Out How Davido’s Baby Mamas Reacted To Him Tagging Chioma’s Pregnancy Special

Davido Baby Mamas

A few days ago, Davido sat down with the folks at Beat 99.9FM to talk about his upcoming projects, wedding plans, Chioma’s alleged pregnancy and more. Although the versatile singer acknowledged during the interview that plans were underway for his impending nuptials with his fiancee, Chioma – he, however, remained tight-lipped about her alleged pregnancy and only said;

This one is special.

Reacting to the comment about Chioma’s alleged pregnancy, Davido’s baby mamas – Sophia Momodu and Amanda – took to their respective Instagram Stories to share pictures of their kids and tagged them as the “special” ones.

According to Sophia Momodu, Imade’s mom and Davido’s first child – she captioned a picture of her adorable daughter with the words;

you’re so special

In the same vein, Amanda – Hailey’s mom and Davido’s second child – also captioned a picture of herself and her cute daughter with the words;

the most special baby

LMAO! Davido and his growing family though…😂😂😂

Yes, I quite understand how they may feel but dragging these little innocent kids into the drama is way out of line. There is no doubt that Davido said those words without attaching any spiteful meaning to it especially given that he is a great father to his children. He is just a man expressing his love for Chioma and any man in love would have said the same thing. Hopefully, this little drama doesn’t escalate into a bigger drama.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Davido’s comment and the “special response” from his baby mamas? Share with us in the comments below.


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