Cee-C’s Big Reveal – Alex Needs To Fire Her Manager

It is no news that Cee-c revealed to the whole world on Friday night that Alex had sex with Tobi.

This reveal has “broken the table” on which Alex has been sitting on.

In case you do not know, Alex has always denied the fact that she had anything to do with Tobi.

Countless times she has said “I and Tobi are just friends”, other times, she has said, “Tobi is my bestie”.


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Well, now we know the kind of besties they have been right?!

Come to think of it, it is really no big deal who has been having sex with who really. The problem is just the fact that Alex has always denied it.

Now what should Alex have done when Cee C revealed what we already guessed? She should have just said, “Yes, I f****d him, big deal?” That would have doused the flame. Instead, Alex broke into tears and ran out crying.

Let’s go to Tobi. Is it not somewhere in the Big Books Of The Bro Code that you do not kiss and tell? Surely, someone close to Tobi should have told him by now that he messed up. If nobody has told him yet, then that would be really sad, because it would mean he does not have any wise person around him.

So, Tobi slept with Alex, and told Miracle, who told Nina. Nina then told CeeC all in the space of 48 hours. And then Cee-C held it for a year, and at the reunion, told Nigerians. Well, we are here for this tea.

See some twitter reactions below:

Please if any of the housemates have any other tea to spill, this is the time to do so.

Meanwhile, Nina and Cee-c are having jokes over what’s happening.

And please can Alex fire her manager, Naomi M. Adenuga? Her manager should have prepared her in the event of something like this happening. Also, why was her manager tweeting and replying people. There is no reason why you should have a manager who cannot manage your crisis. Please Alex dear, fire your manager.

See her manager’s tweets below

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