Cardi B Has Reacted On A Lawyer’s Comment About Her Courtroom Outfit

Cardi B has been a regular visitor to the courtroom lately, for allegedly assaulting two sisters, Jade and Baddie Gi.

Her significant taste of fashion has gotten to the lawyer representing the sisters after she recently attended hearing which in actual sense, cannot be overlooked. While some are of the option that Cardi looked really good, however, the lawyer is of a different option on this!

The celebrity defense criminal lawyer, Joseph Tacopina wrote in an article on New York Times addressing Cardi B’s choice of outfit to the courtroom which was titled, “Cardi B isn’t the only star guilty of red carpet courtroom style,” which he highlighted some of Cardi B’s fashionable courtroom outfits. According to the lawyer,

Cardi treats her trips to the courtroom like a runway show.”

Cardi who we all know, won’t let a single comment about her unattended to, as she took it upon herself to throw shades at the lawyer for trying to use her name as a means to gain more popularity. The comment made by Joseph Tacopina, she didn’t take as a joke as she indeed felt offended and threw shades at the lawyer on instagram live video.

According to Cardi, “I don’t stress when I go to court. I dress like a young f**king lady. Where am I supposed to get my suits from, H&M?”

A recent photo of Cardi B going to the courtroom, shows how ready she is to respect the law an it’s process and ready to do anything to help her case.

This comment by the lawyer has left many fans of the singer, confused. Because Cardi looked quit responsible, adorable, colourful and courtroom ready in her recent visit and left wondering why the lawyer representing the sisters, in anyway, has a problem with her recent fashion choice instead of actually doing the job he’s been paid to do!!

Do you see anything wrong in Cardi B’s outfit??

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