Cardi B goes to the airport in bathrobe?

Cardi B

We all know Cardi B is a rather daring individual and a very ‘IDGAF’ kind of person, but she took it a step further with a recent fashion choice.

The rapper was spotted at the John F. Kennedy International airport in New York in a bathrobe and loafers which looked super cozy.

What more, it’s not the first time the rapper is pulling something like this off, showing up again at an airport in September of last year.

More recently though, Cardi B was in the news for her choice of fashion to the Billboard music awards (I Don’t think she made the Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner wedding though) in which a photo almost showed off some of her privates. Some fans claimed to have seen the rapper unclad in this image.

She took time to address this, speaking against haters in a rant where she stated that no one saw anything.

“First of all, that ain’t my p****,” she said. “My p**** is right here, this where I birth my daughter from. This is right here the part that shows…that’s just my a**. You know when you got a fat a**, that shit gets fat right there.”

“This part right here, this is the part that gives the d*** comfort,

“This is the part that when it goes this in and out like this — that’s what a nigga feels. That’s my a**, you know what I’m saying?”

She did has a successful night, taking home an award for best rap song for ‘I Like it Like that’, and when accepting the award she said: “I know y’all love me,

“If you got a favorite artist, support them. Stream their music. Listen to their music. Tell a friend to tell a friend about their music to get them on the chart, an upcoming artist or artists that’s already out there. Support their music. Be the biggest fan that you can be.”

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