Can You Guess How Many Millions Nollywood Movie ‘The Millions’ Cost?

The Millions

Social media personality and Model, Chika Lann has revealed that her new movie, ‘The Millions’ is one of the most expensive movies ever made in Nigeria.

Chika Lann was speaking to Broadway TV and there she disclosed that the movie cost a whopping N62 Million to make.

“For me it is not about the money spend on making this film, it is about the quality of movie made, we set out making a great movie, the kind of movie Nollywood will be proud of worldwide , a very entertaining movie with the kind of stars that Nollywood fans are found of, so it is not about the money for us  at Chika Lann production, it is about  quality,  entertainment,  excellence and the trapping that made Hollywood what it is today. So, If you go and watch The Millions from 30th of August, definitely you will see the impact of the huge budget on it but that’s not the only thing we want you to see, you will also be seeing the excellent detailing,  depth of story and performances that will make you commend Nollywood generally not just Chika Lann” Chika Lann said.

According to a report on the Vanguard, The Millions is about Bem Kator (Ramsey Noauh) a charismatic con man, in other to carry out the biggest money heist in history has to enlist the services of three other con men (Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ayo Makun and Ali Nuhu) to carry out the act. But things didn’t go as planned as they all have ulterior motives for being on a job that is “winners take it all” and the losers might find themselves fighting for their lives.

Chika Lann is an executive producer on the movie and is excited about the response towards the movie. Also excited is Mimi Bartel, Head of account, Nollywood and Independent Films at Filmone who also stated that she can’t wait to see audience’s reactions to the movie.

” We are looking forward to the audience reaction on The Millions, this is a very good movie, in fact, one of the best we have seen in 2019 from a Nollywood producer,  I can say from my years of experience that the audience will enjoy this ”

Check out the trailer for the movie below.


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