Burna Boy Now Thinks He Is The god Of Music, After One Good Year

Burna Boy

Oh Burna Boy, you might have had a pretty good 2018, but that doesn’t give you the right to look down your nose on anybody…or does it?

No…definitely not

So, what happened? Mayorkun, fresh from the success of his album, Mayor of Lagos, decided to thank fans after he hit 70 million streams across all platforms (Apple, Spotify, Boomplayer et al) and that’s nice.

Mayorkun on Instagram

And while that should have been that, Burna Boy decided that he wanted to get a word in, taking to his Instagram, the ‘Ye’ singer stated that streams were not a measure of success and not a measure of talent (ouch) and that numbers could be done by anyone.

Burna Boy Instagram Stories


Let’s face it, a lot of the confidence Burna Boy has to speak comes from a stellar 2018 (no one denies that) in which he performed at Coachella, got worldwide recognition for his single ‘Ye’ and was on just about every playlist imaginable.

But before now, Burna Boy was a ‘promising’ talent at best and he was more popular for his arrogance and shenanigans than for his music.

There was when he mocked his alleged Baby Mama, Uju Stella. There was the robbery of Mr 2 Kay with whom he was said to have a grudge and more recently, there was the whole business of him kicking a fan in Zambia (to be fair he did apologize).

And sometimes his arrogance doesn’t match up to his talent. There was the Coachella controversy where he complained that his name was written in small font compared to other headliners like Tame Impala and so on…Burna Boy is no Tame Impala.

Nigerians seem to have been outraged by his behaviour and one of the most prominent tweets about it was by @OlumideOG who pointed out that Davido and Wizkid have been in the position of Burna for years but haven’t shown the same level of hubris.

“If Burna Boy is acting like a demigod cos he had just one great year then we really need to put some respect on Wizkid and Davido’s name cos those guys have had great years and they didn’t lose their shit like this.” he tweeted.

Many more Nigerians were of the same disposition, unimpressed by Burna Boy and his antics.


Here’s hoping that Burna Boy has a successful 2019, but also it would be nice if he didn’t seem so stuck up doing it. It’ll serve us all better if they all worked towards the betterment of the Nigerian music space.

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