Burna Boy: Easterners in Nigeria Only Love Their People in Music

Burna Boy

BET Award winner Burna Boy has claimed that Easterners in Nigeria only truly show support to their people in Music and that they don’t really dig the rest.

He was speaking in an interview with Julie Adenuga as Apple’s Up Next Artiste and there he said until he crossed over to the East that’s when it felt like he’d ‘popped’

He performed in the East for the first time in 2014

“That’s the first time I did a show in a stadium in the eastern part of Nigeria, where it is like they only like their own people. So if you cross over there, then like you’ve popped. Like I’ve never seen nothing in my life, I didn’t even think it was real thing that could happen”

During the interview, Burna Boy also talked about how he found joy when he travels to Ghana and that he’s at peace when he’s there.

“That’s the only place I have actual genuine peace. When you go to Labadi Beach and you look at the line that separates the sky from the water, I feel like that’s where God lives,” he said

“I go on my robot mode.. I play like 3-4 shows and I eventually break down. That’s what happens when I go to Ghana,”

Burna Boy also spoke about how his love for music was sparked: “My granddad was a DJ in Lagos,

“All the records would come to him first … I would find myself being inspired by things that I’ve heard as a kid: Nigerian music or African music, some French music or some Jamaican music. When it’s time for music to be made, it’s almost like my ancestors just come into me and then it’s them.”

Burna Boy does have a new record coming out soon, with Fader announcing that his new record, ‘African Giant’ would be out on the 26th of July 2019.

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