British Rapper Slowthai Criticized On Social Media After Boris Johnson Stunt


British rapper Slowthai saw the livestream of his performance during the Mercury awards ceremony at the Eventim Apollo in London cut off after his stunt involving Boris Johnson.

Slowthai is an up and coming rapper who was being nominated for his album Nothing Great About Britain, and who clearly isn’t in support of Brexit.

He wore a T-Shirt which had a vulgar word, cursing out Boris Johnson and he took it to the next level by holding up an effigy of Boris Johnson’s head, it was reminiscent of Kathy Griffin holding up the severed head of Donald Trump.

Slowthai also spat before he started his performance and as things ramped up, BBC, who were livestreaming the show, had to put a stop to it.

Slowthai has been an open critic of Brexit and had also in the past taken on Theresa May in his songs and even encouraged his fans to target her with the social media.

He was criticized on Twitter for this as many saw it as a cheap publicity stunt.

An activist Aisha Ali-Khan was especially disgusted by the behavior and she said: “Holding a fake ⁦@BorisJohnson decapitated head as some kind of protest is simply not acceptable. We’ve already seen death of one much loved MP-Jo Cox. Stunts like this have no place in UK politics at all.”

There was another user who said that he should be arrested for this: “Slowthai should be arrested in my opinion for incitement. If that had been a Muslim holding up a fake dismembered head he would have been arrested on site.”

There were some others who say that the people angry at this are hypocrites as they continually accuse ‘the Left’ of being ‘Snowflakes’ or easily triggered but then when someone does something edgy, then they move the goalposts.


“Boomers: the left are such snowflakes, if you don’t like edgy content then grow up this isn’t a safe space!!
#slowthai : *holds up a fake severed head of Boris Johnson*
Boomers: THIS IS A SERIOUS THREAT HE CANT DO THAT AND GET AWAY WITH IT” said one of the Twitter users who was on Slowthai’s side.

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