Bracket Member, Smash, Ties The Knot With Ivorian Bae

Bracket sMash

Obumneme Ali otherwise known as Smash, of the singing duo, Bracket, has tied the knot with his Ivorian girlfriend, Massy in Lagos in the presence of friends and colleagues.

Bracket exploded on the scene with their smash hit ‘Yori Yori’ which was played relentlessly on radio and at a point was almost ubiquitous.

The wedding ceremony was held at Oriental Hotels in Lagos. Some of the celebrities in attendance included Juliet Ibrahim, Paul Okoye, Senator Comedian and Buchi Uche.

Bracket sMash



Bracket sMash



Bracket sMash

The duo have been active since the early 2000s and is made up of  Obumneme Ali a.k.a. “Smash” and Nwachukwu Ozioko a.k.a. “Vast”.

Bracket didn’t really have prominence till 2009 when they release their sophomore album ‘Least Expected’ which had the hit track ‘Yori Yori’

Vast in 2013 was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to be flown to England for treatment.

In an interview with the Vanguard, he spoke about how God kept him during this serious ordeal: “What kept me going was God. Before I went for the treatment,  I saw myself dying slowly. We got the visa and contacted the Medical Doctor that attended to us.

“It was no doubt the handiwork of God. This doctor handles only cancer related cases.My family, my manager, partner and CEO were there for me. We travelled together. They made sure I was well taken care of, while my ordeal lasted.

“Interestingly,  when the picture I took while in the hospital leaked, I was reading the outpour of love, prayers and soothing words from my fans. Some of them even said, they would die if I die. Then the press guys were there for me.

“They were keeping tabs of my progress and informing my fans duly.  All of these,  did a whole lot in keeping me going. That’s why I got the courage and I know that it has always been God, my family, the media and my fans.”



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