Bow Wow Threw Shades At Wendy Williams On Twitter And Got Slammed By Fans

Last week Wednesday on ‘Hot Topic’ by Wendy Williams, she made it known to her audience how angry she was at Bow Wow over his shade to Ciara at a nightclub.

Wendy Williams who is going through the separation phase from her estranged husband and also trying to keep her son out of jail over the altercation he had with his dad and so far, the year hasn’t been too good for her but in all, she keeps her head up high and still call the shot at work by separating right from wrong. She is known to be a host with no filter in her words…she says things how she sees them!

Bow Wow hasn’t been having it all good as well due to the problems with his girlfriend.

Recently, during a night club appearance, he became a bit out of control due to so much fun and bragged about how he was the first to have Ciara and called her a bitch. Those at the club captured the whole incident and posted it online. Just like that, it garnered a lot of attention as to why make such a statement about Ciara with your knowledge on her marital status?

Wendy Williams was among those who were pissed over the statement and called out Bow Wow on the show last week Wednesday. Bow Wow who should be thinking of the best way forward on how to apologize to Ciara or blame it on the alcohol, rather saw it as a means to shade Wendy Williams!

Wendy Williams, during her show last week Wednesday, talked about it with a picture of Bow Wow at the side. According to her;

“Bow Wow, I am mad at you. What are you doing? Young man, I am not hating on you but so what? It is very distasteful, we have all had somebody before we had you, man. Calling her a Bitch, you were so wrong for that!”

Bow Wow who saw the comment about him from Wendy as an insult, fired shot at her.

According to one of his recent tweet, he threw shades at the 55-year-old daytime host of ‘Hot Topics’ with a picture of her on a black bikini while at the beach and a caption with several emojis that says;

“They say it’s a hot girl in summer”.

Her fans came to her rescue, defending her all the way by letting him know that it was disrespectful for him to tweet such!

Several comments that came up suggested that the 32-year-old rapper take down the body-shaming post.

Another said; “Wendy is living unapologetically and doing Her. She’s freshly out of turmoil and can tell that it’s been rough on her. But she’s HERE! He should do the same.”

Bow needs to get his act together by doing something meaningful with his time rather than throwing shades at given opportunities!

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