“Bobrisky In Love”! WATCH Trailer for Bobrisky’s New Movie


We heard about it, we doubted it, then we believed it, anticipated it and now it’s here! We can now have a first look at Bobrisky’s new movie ‘Bobrisky in love’

The trailer which can be found on YouTube didn’t tell us too much as it was only a minute long and had very little dialogue.

What it did seem to show is that Bobrisky played a man who decided to turn into a woman and visit the village in which he came from. Chaos ensued as many of the village people were unable to reconcile the man who left the village and the woman who returned.

The movie is directed by Ken Steve Anuka and is going to star Anita Joseph and Queen Nwokoye.

We had speculated when we first reported abut the movie, that it might perhaps look into the topic of transgenders in Nigeria, a topic that has so far been somewhat taboo to Nigerian movie makers.

The trailer does have a comical feel to it, which leads me to believe that while it might tackle the topic of transgenders in Nigeria, it might not look at it in-depth enough to really shine a light on it and perhaps make people more understanding of their plight.

Bobrisky’s real life personality shines through in the trailer as he was extremely bubbly (and expensive).

The social media personality has said that he wonders if his husband will be able to afford him, taking to social media to say: “My future husband don’t worry your wife can slay for Africa don’t worry about that. I’m only worried  if only you can afford me. Because all dis guys forming big boy on ig na only prick and mouth them get”

You can check out the trailer for Bobrisky in love below.


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