Bobrisky Has No Boobs And We Have Evidence

In a recent tweet on micro-blogging platform, Twitter – a user tweeted what appeared to be a jibe thrown at popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye also known as Bobrisky. The user tweeted;

Bobrisky has no boobs. If he did we would have died of too much cleavage sightings by now. But his breasts are always covered. Because he’s packed stuff in there as the real boobs are still in the works.

The popular cross-dresser, who has come under fire severally for his questionable antics has shown no signs of slowing down or conforming. If anything, as he gets more famous, he gets bolder and Bobrisky, who was once a laughing stock has turned into a prominent figure in the Nigerian pop culture scene.

Even though he is known as one who courts  a lot of controversy with his statements and videos on social media, it is not surprising that Bobrisky constantly receives a barrage of insults from his critics but trust the male barbie, he always finds a way around it.

What do you think guys? Is the tweet right about Bobrisky? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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