Bobrisky Gives Update On Transformation


Bobrisky has given an update on her continued transition from being male to female in her most explicit admission of transitioning yet.

The internet personality has claimed that she has been having many operations that have cost a lot of money but that she is pleased with her continued progress.

Bobrisky took to Social media to say, ‘my journey transforming into a beautiful woman was awesome. Yes the procedure might have cost millions but am happy’.


She continued, ‘I have been doing many surgeries low key cos I don’t want drama. More surgeries coming through by this time next year I guess I want to contest for miss WORLD’.

We have all seen the sweeping changes in the internet personality’s looks with the former cross dresser looking more and more like a bonafide female. She has had her detractors, but it seems that more and more Nigerians are accepting her for what she wants to become.

Bobrisky is currently trending though, but this is because of a tweet where she was compared to the wife of internet influencer ‘Mazi Ibe’

The Twitter influencer and funnyman posted a photo of himself and his wife while they were out holidaying to which a Twitter user replied the photo with this comment: “INSTABLOG: Popular Twitter Influencer spotted with Bobrisky on vacation.”


This comment has caused a storm on social media with a lot of people saying that the person who commented was insulting the wife of Mazi Ibe by comparing her with Bobrisky.

However, others have pointed at how fine Bob is looking nowadays and says being told you look like her is indeed a compliment.

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