Blossom Chukwujekwu’s Wife, Maureen Esisi, Calls Out Instagram Troll Who Advised Her Against Putting Up pictures She Took With Husband’s Colleague

Maureen Esisi

Maureen Esisi, the wife of Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, has hit out at a commenter on Instagram who criticized a photo she put up.

The photo in question, with Bucci Franklin, was simply captioned: “We took the Best Pictures”

A commenter opined that Maureen Esisi probably shouldn’t take such familiar pictures with another man seeing as she’s married.

Maureen Esisi

The commenter said: “Personally I think it’s not everything u shld post on social media as a married woman no matter the kind of trust ur hubby has for u, as long as he is not ur husband’s blood brother or ur biological brother, my dear it’s not right… let’s tell ourselves the truth… one love”

While the commenter got some support (precious little) on the topic, Maureen herself wasn’t pleased. I mean, this is someone telling her what she can and can’t upload on her own Instagram page, so she clapped back stating that she was in no position to talk about what she posts on her page and that the what works for the commenter isn’t the same thing that works for her.

“Personally abi????? Hun U are in no position to tell me What is right or wrong… Hell you don’t even know what’s right or wrong so pls hun next time don’t bother going personal on me, Cos what works for you CAN NEVER AND WILL NEVER WORK FOR ME. Cheers”

Maureen Esisi

Many people were of the opinion that she has no idea who Maureen Esisi, the person, is and should therefore, not make assumptions of what’s right and wrong for her.

And others kicked against the notion that just because someone is married, the person can no longer have fun or hangout with friends or take silly photos with people who are not their husbands.

At the end of the day, it’s her Instagram page and as long as what she posts isn’t hurting anyone, then she should be able to do as she pleases.


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