Blessing CEO Threatens Suicide, Says She Wants World To Know What Happened

Blessing CEO

Suicide has never and will never be something to joke about or trivialize which is why the new video from disgraced blogger Blessing CEO is rather disturbing.

The Break up or Make up owner was in the middle of a tumultuous scandal when it was revealed that she allegedly lied about building a house that did not belong to her.

Blessing CEO, whose real name is Blessing Nkiruka Okoro, was then captured begging and confessing on camera as she was led away by people said to be members of the police force.

However, in an Instagram live video which was gotten by the Comment Section, Blessing CEO claims that this was all a set up, and that the owner of the house, Onye Eze, a business man said to be based in China, set her up.

In the video, she claimed that she is ready to take her life, but not before the world knows what happened.

She claimed that Eze asked her to come over to his house, which she did. She said on getting there, they threatened to have her thrown in jail. She also claimed that they threatened to gun her down if she didn’t do as they said which according to her was to give a bogus confession.

The video has not been well received by Nigerians, many of whom believe that she is lying and some who take offence that she’d threaten with something as serious as suicide.

The story is dubious at best as she failed to mention any motive that Eze would have to set her up, she failed to disclose how the two were connected in the first place and during the video it was quite odd that she did not at any time keep eye contact with the audience which would have lent more to her credibility.

This story is certainly not over yet and it’ll be interesting to see how things develop further.

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