Big Brother Reunion: Dee One and Princess Trade Barbs over ‘Fake’ American Accent

The Big Brother reunion tagged ‘DoubleWahalaReloaded’ has been serving the tea in recent times ever since it started airing.

Last night’s sit-down featured Princess and Dee One with the former accusing the latter of speaking with a fake accent.

In a short clip shared on Twitter, the two can be seen going at it with Princess trying to explain that when one travels somewhere a number of times, there is always a bit of an influence which can affect their diction. She also claimed that she had just come from the United States, hence the accent.

Dee One was having none of it. He challenged Princess, saying that backstage, she spoke with a normal accent and even spoke in pidgin English.

She then went on to accuse Dee One that he was being critical rather than funny, which Dee One disagreed with stating that he might just not be funny to her.

The online reaction to this has been somewhat mixed although it seemed more people seemed to be on the side of Dee One with a Twitter user, Mr Fallback, tweeting: “Princess was too fake…it was just so obvious cause a typical American accent ehn wouldn’t be this slow like she was just so mindful of her words….while anto was so fast cause she knew what she was saying#bigbrotherreunion”

Princess, who was a contestant in the 2018 edition of the show has suffered from backlash over her alleged fake accent for quite some time now with fans of the show accusing her of faking her accent in a bid to seem more refined and mocking her for seemingly failing to execute it properly.

The Big Brother Naija show has always come with controversy and drama and this Reunion is no different. You can be sure that a lot more will happen between now and the end of the show.

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