Big Brother Naija 2019 Update – “Veto Power Game Of Chance Winner” – Kim-Oprah

Kim-Oprah is the only housemate Who was able to open a locker to retrieve the item inside it, which automatically made her the winner of the Veto Power Game Of Chance.

Just before the game begun, Big Brother took the liberty to explain what the Veto Power Game Of Chance was all about, to enable the winner of the game know what he/she was entitled to.

Eventually, the winner of the game, will have the ability to save and replace a nominated housemate, even if he/she was nominated for possible eviction.

Just look at such power give to a single individual!! Imagine me being a part of the show, we will surely “dye dia“. 😩😩 But I am not, so more updates on the show, will be posted here Nollywood Alive Bbnaija 2019 Category

The Veto Power Game of Chance is a game that will be played every Sunday night in the house among the housemates.

Further more, Big Brother then instructed the housemates to pick a key each from the 21 keys placed on the table from where they moved outside to a number of boxes. After which, Kim-Oprah, emerged the Winner!!!

Congratulations Kim-oprah 👏👏

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