Big Brother Naija 2019 Update – Revelation Time

The Big Brother Naija Reality season 4 TV Show is getting more interesting everyday and housemates are revealing their true selves. There have been gossips, something that looks like relationships and alliance.

Isilomo is one housemate that has gained popularity due to her no makeup Isilomo No Makeup Photo Reactions photos that went viral. Well she is aware of what she signed up for!

Just yesterday, she had a discussion with Ella in the room meant for the Head Of House, were both parties were seen talking about family, career and the house

Ella started the conversation with how she’s missing her mum because her mother is her everything. She shed light on her personal life, revealing to Isilomo about how her father wanted her to get married at a young age but her mum has always been her rock. Also saying that being in the house for the past few days has made her miss her mum so much! All this she said with teary eyes. She also talked about her musical journey.

Isilomo who seemed to be enjoying the conversation, saw an opportunity to align with Ella. While this was on-going, she said to Ella;

we need each other to get to the finish line, so I will like you not to nominate me sometime.’

In the midst of things and all the emotions running through her(Ella), she responded to Isilomo, saying;

We can’t form alliances.’

In the same vain, the guys were also having their own discussion where Ike told Frodd, Jeff and Seyi, that Ella was in someway giving him the green light but Jeff who wouldn’t support said to him that, Ella actually does like Mike, and she has always made that clear.

Ike seeing that he has been countered, later added that, his is interested in Mercy, calling her a ‘big fish’. Mercy who immediately made it clear to Ike that she enjoys teasing him, pushed him away. He also confessed to having feelings for Tacha.

Ah! Does this mean that Ike is desperately looking for these ladies attention? Because, the whole conversation looked complicated, by not knowing who he wants.

Later on, an idea came from Nelson, that Wednesdays should be declared, ‘Work Free Day’ for the ladies.

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