Big Brother Naija 2019 Update – First Couple Alert

With each season of the Big Brother Reality TV Show, viewers including myself, look forward to the romance that goes on in the house. While some happen almost immediately especially when paired, others take their time.

The 2019 Season 4 Big Brother Pepper Dem housemates aren’t left out on this too and it looks like, we just found our first couple in the house.

Ah! Don’t shout too much O, because, love can happen anywhere na plus, grab one who is still single in the house before they are all taken..
In less than 24 hours since the show commenced, body rubbing and clinging have started between Mercy the video vixen and Gedoni the Tailor, oh sorry! Fashion designer. 😉

26-year-old Mercy from IMO state, made it clear that she was single, while 31-year-old Gedoni said he was single but not exactly searching. “but, who would reject a good thing?” With a body like that of Mercy, he has got to retract that “not exactly searching”, statement he made LIVE on TV yesterday.

The gist is that the two have found comfort in each other and they can’t seem to get enough of cuddling each other. Gedoni, looks slow on getting the vibes on his new love interest, but appears to be playing along. This might be one of the most beautiful and interesting romance stories we will be seeing in the Big Brother house.

Is this a strategy for these guys or are they actually beginning to have feelings for each other? This might be too early for us to conclude but they sure do look good together.

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