Big Brother Naija 2019 – Housemates Endurance Challenge Day 2

Viewers were treated to a mix of emotional outbursts, fight and gruelling endurance challenges by the housemates on Tuesday, the second day of the show. Jeff became the first Head of House of this fourth season.

Tuesday turned out to be the most eventful day as housemates had an endurance task which required each housemate to hold a ball above his/her head.

They were also asked to keep both arms stretched out as possible without bringing their arms down or resting it in any manner.

Going on for over 40 minutes, the Task had all the male Housemates each holding a ball up high while battling the antics put up by the female Housemates to distract them.

The ladies did a good job of distracting the guys by breaking into songs, chants and utilising the subtle art of seduction to get them to drop the ball.

Omashola and Ike were the first to be disqualified from the Competition because their hands came down too low.

In the end, it was a keen contest between Frodd and Nelson for the position of the ‘last man standing’.

Nelson eventually stood tall with his ball held up high winning the Endurance Challenge.

On completion of the first Task, the gentlemen were asked to move to the Dining Area where they were asked to select a cup of their choice on the table and later reveal the content.

Frodd, Seyi, Omashola, Jeff and Tuoyo were among the lucky few with Bet9ja Coins in their cups. Shortly after, it was time for the ladies to undertake their Task.

Roles were reversed and this time, the ladies were the one holding balls up high while the gentlemen distracted them.

Kimoprah was the first to tap out, followed shortly by Thelma and eventually leaving Isolomo and Ella as the last two women standing.

The ladies entered the dining area to select cups and revealing it’s content. After a short while, the ladies won by an hour as the advantage over the men. Ella outlasted Isilomo won the challenge.

Ella, Tacha, Diane and Avalla were among the lucky few who found a Bet9ja coin underneath their selected cup.

Also, food caused a mild Drama in the House for the second time running as Tacha and Thelma got into an altercation over fish.

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