Big Brother Desperate To Hold Viewer Ratings, Introduces 5 Housemates In A Week

Big Brother

Big Brother Nigeria is a hugely popular show with a huge fanbase in Nigeria, but is its latest move an indication that perhaps viewing numbers are dropping?

In case you live under a rock, here’s what’s happening: A new housemate was introduced mere hours ago. Cindy joined the cast of Big Brother, but what is even more remarkable is that she is the fifth new entrant in the past week.

In this week alone, we’ve seen Big Brother introduce Venita Akpofure and Elozonam to join Enkay and Joe and now Cindy.

The explanation given is that it’s a twist to make the competition, but could there be another reason? Could it be a way to arrest declining viewership?

Big Brother Nigeria is a cash cow for Multichoice with the 2018 edition raking in about a Billion Naira from voting alone and more and people paying for DSTV premium subscriptions simply to watch the reality show.

With more and more people overseas ditching traditional cable in favour of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO and so on, Multichoice and DSTV are more desperate than ever to keep up their fanbase.

And Nigeria is a hot spot for the cable company with a 2017 report estimating that 40% of DSTV’s 11 million subscribers come from Africa’s most populous nation.

So how can they arrest a possible decline in viewership and stop a mass exodus to a platform like Netflix? Big Brother Nigeria.

With Netflix boasting over 100 million subscribers worldwide and with a growing number of those coming from Africa, Big Brother does seem like a good way to make people keep paying subscriptions.

The reality show has done a good job of constantly trying to change things up by changing the rules of the game to make it more fun for viewers and this latest move with Enkay promising to spice up the place and Joe promising to cause more trouble is just another way to arrest a possible decline in views.

Will it work? Well, that remains to be seen, it’s unfortunate that getting a hold of viewing figures on Big Brother is incredibly difficult, but we might get figures as to how much Nigerians spend on voting and this would be a good indicator of just how relevant the show remains in Nigeria.


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