Big Brother Continuously Dragged Online For Not Disqualifying Tacha and Mercy And Tacha

The fight that happened this morning in the big brother naija house has gone beyond the housemates alone. Fans are calling on the disqualification of both housemates for their misbehaviour.

Though Tacha has supporters withdrawing their support from her, Mercy has received lots of applauds for matching up to Tacha by not letting her have her way the way she used to with other housemates.

The majority are calling on the disqualification of both housemates because, provocation and been physical with each other is a rule-breaker and calls for an automatic disqualification.

Season 3 contestant, Kemen fitness who was a victim of disqualification on a different issue on the show, shares part of the rules in big brother rule book.

Another season 3 contestant, Khloe also made a post about the fight as she claims herself and Kburle didn’t do half of what has been done on far in the house, but, got disqualified and also beckoned on big brother to do the right thing.

There will be another surprise eviction tonight but, the housemates are not aware of this.


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