Beyonce & Jay-Z Developing Daughter Blue’s ‘Talent’, Claim ‘She Was Born’ To Perform


Hands up anyone who would be surprised if Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy turns out to be a singer or dancer like her folks…


No one?

John Travolta

Okay, I thought so too.

Which is why following Blue Ivy’s dance recital video which went viral, it was hardly surprising to learn that both Jay-Z and Beyonce are nurturing their daughter’s talent and they believe she has what it takes.

According to who heard from a source, Jay-Z and Beyonce are on board with Blue and her activities.

“Blue Ivy is a natural performer and, unsurprisingly, she’s also very talented,” the source said. “When you see her dance it’s obvious that she was born for it. Beyonce and Jay-Z really nurture her talent. She’s been in dance classes since she was a toddler and she’s always been included in everything her mom and dad are doing, too. When Beyonce is working on choreography or rehearsing, Blue is often there watching or even joining in and doing her best to copy her mom.”

It also seems that dear old Blue is also a pretty decent singer (surprise, surprise) and she has on numerous occasions, tagged along with her dad to the recording studio.

“They love seeing her shine.” The source added, “But right now, it’s just about letting her grow and learn and have fun. They aren’t pushing any sort of agenda or trying to make her a star; they just want her to do whatever makes her happiest. But, if she wants to go into the family business and have a music career they’ll be behind it all the way.”

Would it be too much to ask to perhaps start hoping for a Blue Ivy album…or maybe a feature with her parents or something?

Maybe, but one thing’s sure: Blue Ivy is set to become a star.

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