Belinda Effah Responds To Backlash Over Tekno Criticism

Belinda Effah has hit back at the backlash she received after criticising Tekno over the issue of the Lekki Strippers brouhaha which she posted on Instagram.

In that post, Belinda Effah had bemoaned the situation stating that the following generation isn’t safe with such content out there.


Speaking to Saturday Beats, Belinda Effah said of her criticism, that it was simply her calling out a social ill as she saw it.

“Honestly, no one is perfect but we should strive to lead exemplary lives. I saw indecency in the public space and I reacted, not knowing who created the nuisance. I wasn’t attacking anyone but just voicing my disappointment. It’s the same attitude we carry into our everyday life; not caring about the other person.


“We just do things because we can. I don’t have anything against anyone. But if you could be a little considerate towards other people’s feelings; maybe Nigeria would get better. When we damn all consequences just to prove a point, then who is going to build the nation? I believe that the change we so desire starts with us. It starts with you” she said.

Also in the interview, she talked about the portrayal of actresses in society and how bad she feels it is. According to her, more actresses should live within their means and not flaunt wealth they cannot explain.

“I don’t like the way women are portrayed in the industry but people speak based on what they see or perceive. We, actresses, need to lay good examples. If we want to flaunt our wealth, we should also explain the source of wealth to the fans. If you can’t explain it, then live a humble life. We invite our fans into our lives by the unnecessary display of wealth and relationships, but when things go sour, we expect the fans to stay away from our business.


“How is that even possible when we are the ones that invited them in? Fans have fangs and they desire blood or nothing. Life is simple, and we should stop making it complicated. There are a lot of decent women in Nollywood but they are not spotlighted because they are modest. The bad eggs are usually used to generalise Nollywood women. If I do something good, no one speaks about it, but if I do something bad, that’s the one everyone gets to know. Let’s give the good Nollywood women some credit too”

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