Belinda Effah Calls Out Tekno Over Lekki Strippers Stunt

Nigerian actress Belinda Effah called out Tekno after it was revealed that the strippers at Lekki Toll gate was for a music video.

Recall that yesterday, the viral clip of Strippers dancing at the back of a see-through mobile advertising truck, went round with many outraged at the display of nudity on such a public road.

It turns out that it was clever marketing for a music video by Nigerian singer Tekno.

However, this has not stopped the criticism with Belinda Effah taking to her Instagram to call out Tekno and demand that Lagos State do something about it.

Her post read: #Dear Nigerian Government Are We Going To Mortgage Our Children’s Future To Such Shameful Act as Satisfaction Of Some Men Libido at the expense of What? These men Know where to Go if they have such needs.

Our Children Can’t Be Exposed To Such Insanity and It Doesn’t Matter If It Happened At Night Time. Lekki Toll Gate Is Not Red Light District . Please let’s Apply Some Morals and Decorum and Call a Spade a Spade.

What ever Company Responsible For This Should Be Cautioned or Called To Order Accordingly. Their Business is not Everyone’s Business and should Have Restrictions.The Government Should Have Restrictions On Indecent Exposure.

Belinda Effah controversy

This Is PG 18 so it should be in the confines of their business center not to the general public because our children are are risk of seeing this. I am so pained . What happened to our Traditional Morals , we can never be more foreign than the foreigners please. We are still Nigerians at heart , at least some of us are . Thank you

Fellow Nigerian actor Yomi Black however, wasn’t pleased with Belinda’s insinuation that this was simply a ‘men’ problem and he also took to social media to make his feelings known.

He said: ‘I am tired of the man bashing culture that has now become a thing’.



He added: ‘How about the girls that agreed to do main act of dancing in the van. She called out men and the company but failed to call out the ladies. Why? In a ferminist world, we are all equal. Stop the cherry picking’.

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