Becca Reveals How She Handled Negative Response To Nigerian Husband


Becca recently released a new single which featured Tiwa Savage called ‘Yes, I do’ and she has also taken time to address the issue of her husband.

Becca is married to Tobi Daniel, whom she tied the knot with last year in a private ceremony.

Tobi is Nigerian and due to the rivalry between the two nations– Nigeria and Ghana where Becca is from, there have been a few negative comments about the pairing.

The two have a baby girl together and seem to be pretty happy.

Becca, who was speaking at the launch of her new single said she was initially surprised by some of the backlash their union received and she stated that she believes Ghanaians are one of the most hospitable people in the world, so the negative comments came as a bit of a shock.

She says she is fine with it now, having made peace with the fact that not everyone can be happy with her decisions, but then, the most important person is herself, so as long as she’s happy.

She said: ‘when i got married to a Nigerian, there was mixed reactions and I was really surprised because I know Ghanaians are the most hospitable people in the world, so I wondered if the reaction would have been different if i married an American or an European’.

She then added: ‘But after doing music for 13years, I know there’s nothing that can deter me becasue you can’t be perfect in the sight of everyone and the moment you are a public figure, you lose the right of privacy and things like that are expected’



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