BBNaija’s Cindy Blessed With New Car


Cindy was probably one of the less colourful characters from the just concluded BBNaija competition in the midst of the likes of Mercy and Tacha.

With huge fans armies (Titans and Mercenaries), both Tacha and Mercy have enjoyed the bulk of the media attention. However, this doesn’t mean that Cindy was forgotten.

A rather generous fan decided to bless the unassuming reality star with a brand new car.

Cindy could hardly believe it and she took to her page to write: “Thank You @florichceo for the NEW CAR. How Grateful I am. @florichceo you are more than a big sis, to me you are God sent. I am still dumbfounded and still looking for the right words to say a very BIG “THANK YOU”. This is my little way of saying, thank you so much for this. And also I am using this medium to say a very big Thank You to Everyone.”

In a followup post, Cindy quoted her benefactor in her caption: “And she said: @florichceo: You deserve the best and you shall have it, just keep being you.

me: 😮😮😍😍🤗🤗😭😭🥳🥳 CAPITAL LETTER “THANK YOU” ☺️☺️☺️☺️”

Cindy naturally got the usual gaggle of fans who congratulated her and there were those who even went on the page of her benefactor to thank her for her act of largess.

It became a talking point on Twitter as Tacha stans and those in support faced off against each other. Those in the Cindy camp claimed that humility got you places without the need for unnecessary noise making. Those in the Tacha camp, however, were of the opinion that people talk about the much maligned housemate regardless of what she does.

Check out some of the tweets relating to the drama between the fans below.

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