#BBNaija Update 2019 – Isilomo Believes Frodd Talks Too Much

What looked like a relationship to us, is now a figment of our imagination after all.

Emotions have been running wild, cuddling has been the order of the day and gossip seems to keep each housemates close and those looking for love in the house, have somehow tried to mark their territory with who they think, they like…….What an interesting house indeed!!

Watching each housemate engage in various activity also helps in someway , to know their strength , other than cuddling, gossiping or just eating…….oh! What an interesting house indeed.

Watching housemates share deep personal life experiences with one another, goes a long way to show how they are trying to live together as a family…..

But, how do u go from bonding with someone, making it obvious that you have feelings for this particular person, and he made some moves too, that suggested same, and you guys even kissed , yes they kissed! After 3 days together in the house…..

The description above is about Isilomo and Frodd who have been cozy and chilling together for a while but things took an unexpected turn when Isilomo said during the task of performing Big Brother, that; Frodd isn’t her type anymore as she believes he talks too much and she’s irritated by it.!

This got people talking and asking questions as to what happened and how did it go from that to this!

Who knows? They might work whatever it is out and get back together. Until then, my eyes are these two..

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