BBNaija 2019 Update – “You’re Not Fit For Leadership” ; Mike To Seyi

The Pepper Dem housemates had an interesting and fun-filled time yesterday during their HERITAGE BANK drama presentation and they called it a night when it was all over.

The morning started with videos and photos of Gedoni & Khafi humping under the duvet(until they confirm it was sex, then, it is mere speculation) which had Esther, Frodd and Omashola a little disturbed because it kept them awake.

It looked like nothing would happen today considering the long day they had yesterday, well! Not in Big Brother’s house!

Biggie had the Head Of House, Seyi read out their Wager Task Challenge and as at the time it was read, the housemates had just 9 hours to prepare for it so, they had to delve right into it.

They are to prepare for a talent show which means, everyone has to be on their feet. They are to present it in their various teams(Icons & Cruisetopia).

As usual, they went into separate places around the house to come up with ideas and rehearse their “talents”. That was the time Seyi and Mike had an outburst.

Seyi made a statement about the earth being round and Mike made fun of it. Seyi made it personal as he walked out on his group members(Team Cruisetopia) due to what Mike had done. Mike didn’t take it likely as he walked up to Seyi to confront him on what happened.

Mike said to Seyi;

“Why are you offended, stop being hypersensitive, you can’t raise your voice at me and expect me to roll over. You cannot keep forcing your opinion on all of us. You overreact sometimes. You can’t call yourself a leader and walk out every time there’s a provocation or you can’t control the situation. You are not fit for leadership when you keep quitting. To me, that is petty and I don’t work with sensitive people.”

Seyi response to Mike was;

Please, I don’t like you coming to me for personal beliefs, I find it offensive and childish.”

Other members in the Cruisetopia team, are; Venita, Mercy, Diane, Esther, Mercy, Joe and Gedoni.

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