BBNaija 2019 Update – Thunder Fire You; Venita Says To Biggie

It is uncertain at this time if the arena game loss that almost saw her as the winner but Sir Dee took that victory instead, or the alcohol that changed how she was feeling maybe she was in her feelings thinking it was fun for such an utterance.

Venita Apkofure joined the big brother reality show on July 30th and has stayed in the house for one month which automatically means, she knows the rules of the game and if misguided before now, she should have taken a cue from the strikes issued so far in the game.

It is all games and fun until a housemate is disqualified. Then and only then, rules will be taken seriously.

After the arena games, biggie provided the housemates with alcoholic drinks. It is safe to say, they needed it after such a trip to Egypt sourcing for gold but the fun kinda went too far.

Biggie made provision for hot water at past 2 AM but before the announcement, Venita was acting tipsy and as soon as the announcement was made, she cursed out biggie to have allowed her have her bath before the hot water. She said;

Thunder Fire You!” to big brother.

Even with the caution from Seyi for her to keep it together as such words have consequences, she insisted on defending her words!

Will you blame it on the alcohol or you think she was aware of what she said?

unsure of what action Big Brother will take, but we will keep watching to find out!

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